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Facade Consulting

Facade consulting covers; providing conformity to the required specifications on behalf of of owner or contractor, checking the appropriate details,if necessary creating the details and controlling all the steps until the final hand over. Up to the contract deals, facade consulting can involve all or a few of the following services.

  • Tender preparation

  • Specification preparation

  • Controlling the shop drawings and technical details and if necessary, forming them

  • Controlling the production process

  • Controlling the assembly process

  • Acceptance of the facade done



Facade Application

With its expert technical team, Maff Group makes the following facade systems applications. Inaddition to there systems, Maffgroup is also specialized in Free Form facades and has experience in project analysis in accordance with the system design and implementation of different facades.

Application Types
- Aluminium Frames
- Structural glazing systems
- Aluminium curtain wall systems
- Free-form façade solutions
- Stainless Steel Facade Claddings
- Aluminium composite panel applications
- Transparent Facade systems
- Stone claddings, Clinker Systems
- Granite and ceramic cladding systems
- Terra Cotta Cladding Systems
- Aluminium balustrades and Sun screening panels
- Transparent roof and skylight systems


Bidding and Design
The offer work that’s prepared according to the project and the specification is presented with suggested details if wanted. 3D facade design is also prepared by this Project department if needed. Following the approval of proposals , approval process of the design and manufacturing details and drawing begins .
The production process of the technical drawings starts. due to details designed by the project team. The latest technology is the basis of the precision manufacturing process with CNC machines work.


Within the work program prepared by the Project department, the construction site set up is done.

Under the control of expert engineers, assembly is started. Reporting  to the employer  is done in all steps of installation.



Projecting Facade Design

In architectural designs, facade designing has more importance because of the architectural and financial value addition with each passing day. Today, instead of adding one more to standardized architecture,our basic target is to  create designs whis add more value and meaning to its environment. Our architectural design team specialized in this area also improves themselves by following the new materials and systems and follows the world trends . Even a slight aesthetic touche we add to facades gives us a great sense of satisfaction.